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March 28, 2022

Duration: 1. 1. 2022 – 31. 12. 2023

Project reference: 101051996-ERASMUS-YOUTH-2021-CB

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People living in peripheral areas along the Western Balkan generally are exposed to poverty, pollution, and social inequality. Other relevant issues include unplanned settlement, squatter settlement or popular settlement which explains the occupation by low-income households. Youth in peripheral areas are highly vulnerable to lacking appropriate education and less opportunity for employment. Yet young residents in these communities are also one of the least represented populations in planning and community development processes. Youth living in peripheral areas are lacking the capacities to address to the public institutions their needs and the motivation to change. Still youth are not well connected with each other and in most cases unable to mobilize to bring a change to their neighborhood/environment.

The overall goal of the project is engaging, empowering and enabling youth to lead sustainable actions for transforming peripheral areas into livable areas through sharing good practice, innovative tools and methods.

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Project objectives

  • Empowering young professional from participating organizations with appropriate tools and methods to influence the transformation of peripheral areas into livable areas.
  • Engaging and enabling rural youth to effectively contribute to scaling up peripheral areas upgrading.
  • Disseminating the results and the methodology of the project with the purpose of making a wider impact to the society through online events and virtual communication.

The role of STEP Institute

STEP Institute is the WP6 lead for dissemination and visibility of the project. It is involved in the implementation of local activities, where it seeks to empower young people through trainings to engage in the local environment and to make transformations in space. STEP Institute also contributes to the creation of content for the e-learning platform.


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STEP Institute is an innovative private non-profit organisation that deals with people development.
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