Projects3-H project (Head, Heart, Hand)

April 7, 2022

Duration28. 2. 2022 – 27. 8. 2024

Project reference2021-1-IT01-KA220-VET-000034825


While European countries had made significant progress in lowering VET dropout rates prior to the pandemic, these efforts now risk being challenged by the Coronavirus. We need tools, methodologies and above all an improvement of teachers’ skills in knowing how to motivate and promote “feeling good” at school, essential for managing and preventing early school leaving.

The problem that the 3-H project tries to tackle is precisely the high number of young people in VET pathways who are unmotivated or don’t feel well at school, a problem significantly accentuated by these last two years of the pandemic.

Cedefop insists that VET providers will have to:

  • being able to motivate students during their training in a context that, due to Covid, has become very uncertain from both a social and economic point of view,
  • put emphasis on the professional development of trainers to support students in this challenge.

With reference to the professional development of trainers, CEDEFOP highlights the importance of socio-emotional competences such as developing a resilient approach and being able to include inclusive teaching practices, especially for students at risk of drop-out.

The goal remains to prevent early school leaving, involving individual students in their personal motivations, working on methodologies that facilitate the acquisition of socio-emotional skills and on the other hand addressing students’ demotivation and malaise at school.


Project activities

  • Development of knowledge and methodologies to allow teachers to work on socio-emotional aspects.
  • Outline a strong reception model, dedicated to the first months of the students’ entry into VET courses.
  • Development/adoption of good practices that promote pupils’ well-being at school (from reception onwards) and motivate students.
  • Developing PBL experiences to develop socio-emotional skills and learn content in an authentic and contextualised way.

The partnership consists of partners from Italy, Spain, Finland, the Netherlands, and Slovenia.


The role of STEP Institute

STEP Institute is the leader of one work package. We are in charge of coordinating the training activities and the realisation of the first output (collection of good practices). STEP is also in charge of organising and coordinating the online training activities (virtual coffee breaks). Together with other partners, we are also involved in dissemination activities.


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STEP Institute is an innovative private non-profit organisation that deals with people development.
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