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We, STEP Institute, collect, process and use personal data only in compliance with the existing data protection regulations. The legal framework for data protection is constituted by the General Data Protection Regulation (DSGVO). For us, the protection of your personal data is an important concern. In the following, you will find out which personal data may arise from which your activities on our homepage or using our services and how you retain control over your data.

1. We work according to the principle of data economy

We collect, process and use data according to the principle of data economy. The personal data contained in our forms for general contact are made by you on a voluntary basis and are limited to the purpose-based scope. We only store personal information for as long as necessary or required by law in accordance with the principles of data avoidance and data economy. If the purpose is omitted and there is no obligation to keep records, we will block or delete the data on time. A further transmission of the data does not take place or only if you have expressly consented to the transmission. A transfer of your data to third parties without explicit consent, such as for advertising purposes, does not occur.

The data we are collecting are:

  • Cookies: these are information that a webpage sends to your searching tool. They are collected in your system and help our website to understand information about your staying, experiences and user preferences.
  • IP address: IP-address is a number, that locates the computer, by which the customer reaches the website. We use these data to prepare analysis of security, which is crucial in case of cybernetic attacks. Only then the IP addresses are analyzed, otherwise the data and regularly erased.
  • Contact form: Via contact form we analyze personal data such as: name and surname, company name and e-mail. The form with data is send only with your confirmation. We collect the data as long the message is actual, meaningful or until your cancellation.

2. You have control over your own data

You have the right to free information at any time, about the personal data stored with us and / or correction, blocking or deletion of the same, if these are not required for existing performance of the contract or subject to statutory retention. For this purpose, the user has a corresponding contact (fastest via email) available: info@step-institute.org.

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