ProjectsMENTOR: Online Mentoring and Professional Peer Coaching Skills for Youth Training

March 1, 2018

Duration: 1. 3. 2018 – 29. 2. 2020

Project reference: 2017-3-RO01-KA205-047183

Project website:

»Project aims to facilitate employability and transition of young people to work and to increase their work-related skills.«

Erasmus+ MENTOR project facilitates the employability of young people (especially teachers, social workers and health care practitioners) through strengthening their soft skills and competences. Topics covered by learning materials and training (online and face-to-face) are mentoring, peer coaching, communication, change management, critical thinking, and non-discrimination. In all partnership countries (Slovenia, Romania, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, and Lithuania) at least two groups of young people will attend online and face-to-face training.

Outputs of the project

  • Curricula of the mentorship and career guidance training course for teachers, social workers, and health care practitioners
  • Online learning materials and e-learning platform for the development of soft skills important for young mentors
  • Learning materials and implementation of face-to-face train-the-trainers course
  • Guidelines for peer coaching
  • Collection of best practices in the area of gender balance and non-discrimination

The partnership consists of partners from Romania, Bulgaria, Czechia, Slovenia, and Lithuania.

The role of STEP Institute

We are responsible for the development of learning materials and the implementation of face-to-face training. However, we have an active part in all project activities: development of curricula, online learning materials, guidelines for peer coaching and collection of best practices.

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STEP Institute is an innovative private non-profit organisation that deals with people development.
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