ProjectsEMPATHEATRY: Development of inclusive theatre groups for emotionally empowered and active youth

July 18, 2023

Duration: 01. 11. 2023 – 31. 10. 2025

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We aim to increase accessibility of theatre activities for youth with fewer opportunities and thus encourage their holistic development. We want to empower youth workers, theatre pedagogues and similar profiles in their work with youth and develop quality methods through interdisciplinary cooperation for use in developing inclusive theatre workshops. We want to offer young people an experience of creative international cooperation, addressing their emotional development and active citizenship.

We will conduct quantitative and qualitative research on working with youth with fewer opportunities, conduct international and local trainings to empower mentors and interdisciplinary co-create guidelines for further work. We will organise inclusive theatre workshops, international mobility for young people with fewer opportunities, present our activities in a toolkit and combine our findings into international policy recommendations. We will present the results at national and European level.

The project will empower theatre pedagogues and youth workers and emotionally empower and activate young people with fewer opportunities. For other stakeholders in formal and non-formal education we will create guidelines for work with youth with fewer opportunities, an interactive toolkit for use of theatre activities in youth work and international policy recommendations for developing the potential of youth with fewer opportunities. All materials will be available in 4 languages.

The role of STEP Institute

Monitoring the progress of the project will be led by STEP, which will assume the role of coordinator and evaluator. STEP will be responsible for the formal administrative activities, creating proposals for reporting and monitoring the achievement of set goals. Project managers of all organizations will actively participate in monitoring the progress of the project by providing feedback and suggestions for improvement.
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