ProjectsCRAFT: Co-working in Rural Areas to prepare young people for Future Trends

February 9, 2021
Co-working place

Duration: 01. 09. 2020 – 31. 8. 2022

Project reference: 2020-1-PL01-KA205-078361

The CRAFT is about to promote employment and entrepreneurship in EU rural areas by increasing young people’s capabilities to reconvert empty spaces so as to host collaborative working environments, exploiting the substantial potential offered by trends outlined in the jobs and skills future market. The main objective is to promote youth skills and competencies for the development of co-working spaces focused on the abovementioned 3 specific areas; to foster youth ability and autonomy to operate at a transnational level for developing joint concrete projects, in line with the Erasmus+ Programme main features; to strengthen a digital mindset among youngsters to effectively tackle the European Skills Deal post-2020; to empower youth through the setup of win-win networks involving relevant socio-economic actors as policy change-makers; and to improve career guidance services through specific recommendations.

CRAFT Project, in order to materialise its objectives and produce its deliverables, comprises a set of intellectual outputs, one learning activity and several multiplier events, supported by management activities and dissemination and exploitation activities that will ensure the use of its results even after the project has ended. The learning activity and multiplier events will constitute the core of the project as they will allow groups of young people to put ideas into practice; by creating collaborative workspaces for the future both virtually and as physical prototypes.

Outputs of the project:

  • Training programme for builders of future-looking collaborative work environments in rural areas;
  • Educational 3D virtual world – CRAFT VW Platform; 
  • E-book for a forward-looking management of coworking spaces
  • Multi-actor territorial networks of policy change-makers.

The partnership consists of partners from Poland, Norway, Italy, Bulgaria, Greece and Slovenia.

The role of STEP Institute

We are so-called one of “education” partners, which means we lead the first output regarding training programme for builders of future-looking collaborative work environments in rural areas. However, we will actively participate in all project activities.
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