NewsEASIP COMP project: Students self-assessment of entrepreneurial competences

January 18, 2021

One of the main activities in this first year of the Erasmus+ EASIP COMP project was working on student self-assessment of 15 EntreComp entrepreneurial competences. We provided a questionnaire with 30 questions about the 15 entrepreneurial competences according to Entrecomp framework (two questions for each competence).

The questionnaire was distributed among university students in four countries: Norway, Finland, Italy and Slovenia. We have received 355 completed questionnaires. We processed the data by making an analysis of distribution of answers in all four countries and a correlation analysis. In general students feel their competences are well developed.

Students have assessed the following competences as well developed.


Motivation and perseverance


  • Stay focused and don’t give up.
  • Are determined to turn ideas into action.
  • Are prepared to be patient and keep trying to achieve individual or group aims.
  • Are resilient under pressure, adversity or temporary failure.

Watch this video and don’t give up.


Working with others


  • Work together and cooperate with others to develop ideas and turn them into action.
  • Are able to involve others in communication and decision making process.
  • Solve potential conflicts and deal with disagreements or different points of view.
  • Face up to competition when necessary.

Watch this video and work with others.

Learning through experience


  • Use initiatives and situations as learning opportunities.
  • Learn with others, including peers and mentors.
  • Reflect and learn from both success and failure (their own and other people’s).

Watch this video and learn throug experience.


Students have assessed the following competences as less developed.

Planning and management


  • Set long-, medium-, and short-term goals.
  • Define priorities and is able to create and implement action plans.
  • Adapt to unforeseen changes, needs and challenges.

Watch this video and start planning.  

Coping with uncertainty ambiguity and risk

  • Make decisions when the result of that decision is uncertain, when the information available is partial or ambiguous, or when there is a risk of unintended outcomes.
  • Within the value-creating process are able to include structured ways of testing ideas and prototypes from the early stages, to reduce risks of failing.
  • Handle risks, challenges promptly and with flexibility.

Watch this video and cope with risks.


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