ProjectsLong Tail: Increasing Accessibility of International Professional Development for Language Teachers

December 16, 2021

Duration: 1. 11. 2021 – 30. 4. 2023

Project reference: 2021-1-DE03-KA210-SCH-000031310


Outbreak caused by COVID -19 showed that learner-centred digital teaching is very much needed. Our partnership focuses on digital transformation in teaching languages and accessibility of international in-service teacher training. With a geographically widespread network the Long Tail project starts a long-term cooperation among partners. Their complimentary work areas and common mission regarding the accessibility and digitalization is a promising basis for a fruitful collaboration.


We designed five open international digital learning events in different pedagogical formats. Three events are primarily intended for language teachers with fewer possibilities in Erasmus+ programme, two best practice conferences are open to all language teachers and even not limited to language teachers whereas one onsite staff training aims at building capacities of teacher trainers in partner organizations. International dissemination, evaluation and agile management are integral parts.


Despite the small scale the Long Tail project delivers tangible results in a sustainable manner. Both conference recordings will be appropriate as a source of professional development of teachers. Two conference padlets will act as hubs for teaching ideas in which teachers will upload their best practices in digital participatory teaching. We plan to collect at least 60 presentations. Teaching cards on participatory learning will be ready to use as methodological tools.

The role of STEP

The STEP Institute brings its networking expertise and school onboarding experience to the forefront of this project, as it organizes two Pan-European conferences focused on digital language learning. In addition to this, STEP also provides language teachers with participatory methods training.


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STEP Institute is an innovative private non-profit organisation that deals with people development.
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