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March 17, 2023

Constant changes in education (like digital teaching) demand new approaches. One of them is growth mindset theory. With a growth mindset it is easier to accommodate new skills and improve existing competencies. It leads to personal and professional growth, better teaching methods and more constructive work with parents.

GrowMET project aims to empower teachers when dealing with changes and teaching challenges. It shows how to learn from mistakes, provide constructive feedback, develop more efficient beliefs and open mind for new experiences and skills. Through growth mindset principles we target one of the most pressing issues in the educational landscape across Europe: transition of teaching and learning from the traditional face-to-face setting into the modern digital realm.

The project has produced 4 main outcomes:

The first outcome consists of a training concept that combines digital content with face-to-face training (blended learning). Teachers are introduced to the theoretical basis of digital learning and receive valuable advice on best practices and tools.

This is the digital part of the training and here you can find the plan for the corresponding face-to-face training.

The second project result focuses on the students: which methodological approaches and tools/platforms can help to make digital learning successful and motivating?

An interactive guidebook summarises the results of our project work.

But there is more: a growth mindset toolkit that students can use online. It explains the concept of a growth mindset and opens the doors to change and development:

Parents have been working very hard to ensure their children’s learning during the pandemic. The rushed and unprepared move to digital education has given this new form of learning a bad reputation.

But digital teaching and training have some advantages and will be part of our future. To help parents with digital remote learning, we have created a series of short and informative newsletters. They provide information about the ideal learning environment, self-organised learning and much more.

We have prepared some guidelines about using these newsletters.

You can download the newsletters here:

  1. Introduction
  2. Traditional vs. future skills
  3. Classroom vs. digital learning
  4. Benefits of digital learning
  5. The role of the parents
  6. Rules and examples for good feedback
  7. Help students organize their learning process
  8. Improve self-esteem and confidence
  9. Screen time vs. alternative activities
  10. Distance learning
  11. Risks in the internet
  12. Securing devices

The Growth mindeset model for digital teaching in the final result. We took everything we have learned and developed and evaluated what worked best and had the deepest impact on digital teaching.

You can download the growth mindset model for digital teaching here. 

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