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March 28, 2023

INFURI Newsletter nr. 4


Between March 20th and 25th, 2023, staff of the partner organisations gathered in Ljubljana (Slovenia) for the transnational learning activity of INFURI project.

The “Train the Trainer“, hosted by STEP and Ornik, included different activities such as frontal presentations and group works. In particular, on the first day, participants were involved in the pilot test of the MOOC “Managing a furniture company in the era of circular economy” and they were acquainted with the concepts included in the Book of Lecture.

The MOOC, freely accessible, is now available on Udemy platform and divided into two parts.

MOOC Part 1: “Introducing Circularity in the Furniture Value Chain”
MOOC Part 2: “Engaging furniture consumers in the era of circular economy”

On the second day, participants had the opportunity to visit Ornik headquarters. The company promotes circularity by collecting old wood which is treated to be used for new furniture products. Participants had the possibility to experience the entire process as well as to discover traditions of “rural” Slovenia.

On the last day, participants were involved in a workshop led by Materially Srl, during which they researched and prepared guidelines for users and suppliers in the field of circular economy. Finally, STEP conducted a workshop on “Lifecycle Mapping” in which partners were engaged in analysing all steps from material extraction to “end of life” for a certain piece of furniture.


The INFURI consortium recently held several dissemination events as well as workshops with stakeholders aiming at disseminating the INFURI project results as well as collecting feedback to shape the guidelines for circular furniture procurement. Based on the expertise and specific networks of each organisation, the events saw the participation of different target groups such as young people, furniture companies and circularity experts. Events were organised between February and March 2023 in Italy, Poland, Portugal, Slovenia and The Netherlands.

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