NewsFestive Farewell to 2023 and Welcoming 2024 with Excitement!

January 10, 2024

Our entire team came together once again in December in Ljubljana. Thanks to the creative touch of Društvo IMPRO, the central organization of improvisational theatre in Slovenia, we participated in fun team-building activities that not only brought laughter but also a sense of togetherness and serenity within our team.

Our youngest members were treated to an engaging and educational experience, courtesy of Hiša eksperimentov. Their interactive experiments with soapy water captivated young minds, creating an atmosphere of wonder and curiosity. And, of course, no festive gathering would be complete without a visit from the jolly old man himself – Santa made a special appearance, adding an extra touch of magic to our day.

We couldn’t have asked for a more pleasant way to bid farewell to 2023 – a year in which, working closely together with Primera Courses, we made important progress in education.

Here’s a brief summary of what we achieved:

  • We have enriched the careers of over 10,000 teachers via on-site and online training events. Our initiatives included hosting 12 editions of the Pan-European Conference on Digital Education, featuring 44 exemplary presentations. Additionally, we organized four international gatherings for Erasmus+ mobility coordinators and several online workshops, all aimed at enhancing international cooperation.
  • Our professional learning communities have grown, welcoming over 4,000 new educators. These communities include the Pan-EU Conference on Digital Education, the Erasmus+ Network of Mobility Consortia, and the Erasmus+ Accreditation 2021-2027. A notable achievement this year was the establishment of a new professional community for kindergarten teachers, promoting best practices and international collaboration among European kindergartens.
  • In collaboration with ongoing Erasmus+ projects, we’ve co-developed new educational materials for teachers, students, and parents, covering subjects like growth mindset, sustainability, positive education, entrepreneurial thinking, student-centric learning methods, and the circular economy. Our commitment continues with the launch of seven new Erasmus+ projects.
  • Our efforts in individual learning have been robust, with over 80 individuals sent abroad to enhance their skills in learning science and international cooperation. Conversely, we hosted educators from 155 different institutions for our evidence-based and practical Erasmus+ KA1 courses.
  • In the realm of positive psychology, our award-winning Slovenian social innovation ecosystem now boasts over 40,000 members. Thanks to sustained support from sponsors and donors, we’ve produced 27 new lectures for the community, culminating in over half a million lecture views. A new venture into podcasting has further expanded access to positive psychology in Slovenia. During Slovenia’s August floods, this community was among the first to mobilize efforts for those affected.
  • In the field of human resource management, our team of psychologists has made notable contributions. We’ve conducted over 250 psychological assessments for private companies, aiding in talent selection. Moreover, 55 managers have enhanced their leadership styles through our personalized coaching and feedback. Our clients have also benefited from more than 40 workshops on competency-based human resource management practices.

We are also happy to enter 2024 by presenting 2 new projects!

The BLOOM project aims to promote the mental well-being of older adults and foster their social inclusion by using outdoor physical activities as a tool for neurocognitive stimulation and community engagement. And with Europe is Female2 we want to empower young European women to make their voices and stories heard.

Stay tuned for more new project updates!

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STEP Institute is an innovative private non-profit organisation that deals with people development.
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