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January 10, 2024
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Duration: 1. 1. 2024 – 31. 12. 2024

Reference: 2023-3-DE04-KA154-YOU-000182406

With Europe is Female we want to empower 20 young European women to make their voices and stories heard. In transnational workshops and events, they will learn more about gender (in)equality, will discuss developments and throwbacks and will share their personal stories. In each event, their insights will be shaped into some form of art – always guided by a local female artist. The workshops will take place in Romania, Slovenia, Germany and Portugal all over 2024.

They will grow, see how to be engaged actively in society and will be able to make their visions, hopes and experiences visible to others all over Europe. The results will be summarized in a handbook with further suggestions and learnings from the project, created jointly with the participants.

A focus is placed on creating a diverse group with people from different backgrounds (culturally, socially, and economically) as well as people that have experienced diverse or multiple disadvantages in their life and are usually excluded from active participation in their society.

Through the support of all partners, these young women will be empowered to participate actively and create their own outputs and visions. All activities will be driven by the ideas, thoughts and wishes of the participants.

At the final event, 60 participants will join the final presentation and project presentation, including interested young women, NGOs and other multipliers/ stakeholders.

Through the project, we will:

– empower young women through participatory approaches,

– make the voices of diverse women from different regions in Europe heard,

– create new, lasting networks of support,

– will actively create works that tackle gender inequality and give insight into the participants views and visions.

Furthermore, the partners will create new networks, that can be the basis for future cooperation and collaborations. They will get more insights into the perspective of young women nowadays and will be able to shape projects even closer to their personal needs.

The role of STEP Institute

STEP is a mobility partner. We will be responsible for gathering the participants and ensuring their participation in the mobility activities and events. We’ll take care of the practical organisation of the local event in Slovenia, for which we will also create the programe and help facilitate its implementation.

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STEP Institute is an innovative private non-profit organisation that deals with people development.
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