ProjectsEmotion to Motion: Emotional Intelligence Skills Development to Foster Youth Employability

February 1, 2016

Duration: 1. 2. 2016 – 31. 1. 2018

Project reference: 2015-3-TR01-KA205-024834

Project website:

Emotional intelligence is the ability to identify and manage youth emotions as well as the emotions of others. This characteristic is important in the workplace – it is needed when we enter the job market and obligatory when we want to progress in our career. It usually grows with experience so it is important to provide anadditional boost to a target group that needs to learn the most: young people.

The main aim of this project is to improve the quality of youth and wellbeing at their workplace through the promotion of emotional intelligence. The project combines different approaches to accomplish goal: survey findings, best practices, practical training, and web-based learning environment. The project is aiming to increase motivation and satisfaction of young people, as they will be able to manage their work, interpersonal relationships and themselves in an more emotionally intelligent way.

The partnership consists of partners from Turkey, Spain, Bulgaria, Greece, Netherland, and Slovenia.

Outputs of the project

  • Assessment of needs on youth employment related interpersonal agendas.
  • Compilation of Practices for the Promotion of the Use of Emotional Intelligence in youth employment.
  • Adaptation and upgrade of the training contents on emotional intelligence.
  • Train – the – trainer event and pilot training on emotional intelligence.
  • Web 2.0 Learning Environment on emotional intelligence modules.

The role of STEP Institute

We are heavily involved in all stages of the project as we are the Slovenian representative. Our most important task is 5 days long train – the – trainer event in Ljubljana for a group of international youth trainers.

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STEP Institute is an innovative private non-profit organisation that deals with people development.
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