ProjectsThe Superhero Lab: Engaging Children as Scientists to Explore Sustainability

August 1, 2023

Duration: 01. 11. 2023 – 31. 10. 2026

The Superhero Lab project has a twofold objective:

  • to provide young children aged 4-6 with the opportunity to explore sustainability through age-appropriate scientific experiments,
  • and to equip kindergarten teachers with the necessary skills to lead these experiments effectively.

The project also aims to foster international collaboration among kindergarten teachers who share an interest in sustainability education through STEM.

The project has 5 work packages:
1. action research to collect existing practices on sustainability education in kindergartens;
2. creation of the Superhero Lab multilingual learning pack with 15 hands-on experiments, a handbook for teachers, video tutorials, blended training course;
3. piloting Superhero Labs with children, local teacher trainings;
4. dissemination by opening a Community of Practice and multiplier events;
5. quality assurance and management.

The Superhero Lab project provides comprehensive learning material that can be used beyond the project. The Community of Practice can replicate and improve the material. Children will have opportunities to explore sustainability through scientific inquiry. Kindergarten teachers will improve their skills, knowledge, and self-efficacy in teaching sustainability through STEM. Partners will enhance their capacity to innovate age-appropriate experiments and improve their CPD offer in this field.

We are partnering in the project with Erasmus+ courses by Primera and our new venture Primera – Zentrum für pädagogische Fortbildung Wien.

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STEP Institute is an innovative private non-profit organisation that deals with people development.
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