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May 17, 2023

We are partners of the REACT! Project, where we are working on providing Youth Workers with educational resources on innovation, entrepreneurship, green skills on circular economy and personal development, and we help them support young Europeans with their aspiration to make their society more sustainable, and acquire relevant skills for the future.

Within the project REACT! we developed an innovative curriculum, focusing on social entrepreneurship, circular economy and personal development, addressed to youth workers. With the engagement of young entrepreneurs we produced a set of innovative learning tools, online learning resources, guidelines for trainers and other inspirational materials. Check our online course and the toolkit here: React! – Impact Hub Amsterdam

Within the project we also captured stories of 5 pioneers working towards the circular economy: Irene Segarra Rius, NÃM, Jiminy, Benedetti Life and Roetz-Bikes!

In one of the episodes we meet Matea Benedetti, a Slovenian fashion designer. By only working with sustainable and circular materials she is trying to turn the fashion industry upside down. Watch the episode, learn from her dedication and unique perspective and get inspired by the amazing pieces you can make from materials you didn’t know the existence of! Watch the episode: Making the High-End Fashion Industry Sustainable with Matea Benedetti | E04 – YouTube

Filmmaker: Julian Philbert, Host: Rutger de Rijk

Founding Partners: Impact Hub Amsterdam, Impact Hub Lisbon, Impact Hub Madrid, Step Institute & Rediscovery Centre

Support partners: Interrail | Nudie Jeans

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Copyright © 2020 Step Institute. Made by: Erpium

Copyright © 2020 Step institute. Made by: Erpium