NewsMSG 2.0: Workshop for teachers in Sweden

September 25, 2023
Last week, our colleague Blanka worked from Sweden as part of the MindSetGo 2.0 project, coordinated by Fridaskolan Vänersborg. Together with partners from Spain, France, Slovenia, and Romania she delivered a professional learning event for 120 teachers from the region on the topic: developing the growth mindset of students. The special challenge was to deliver this topic to teachers from Sweden who already know a lot about it, since they are one of the top countries with high levels of growth mindset among students.

Our 2 years of work within this partnership will continue to the next level with a project MindSetSLOW,  as after the Covid period we see the whole spectrum of different challenges in the current school environment. And we are here to support teachers in their work with students.

The MindSetGo 2.0 project brought together teachers from various countries who were reporting about their teaching cases in relation to growth mindset. Based on their practical teaching cases and activity examples we created the Growth Mindset Toolkit with the aim to bring those activities in several more classrooms around the world. Read more about it here.


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