NewsIntroducing 3-H project results

May 27, 2024

The 3-H (Head Heart Hand) project is based on the assumption that VET must provide holistic education, i.e. education that takes into account cognitive intelligence (head), socioemotional intelligence (heart) and manual intelligence (hand) to the same extent.

The project aims to:

  • Develop knowledge and methods for teachers to address social-emotional aspects.
  • Create a welcoming model for the first months of VET students.
  • Adopt practices that enhance student well-being and motivation.
  • Develop PBL experiences to build socio-emotional skills and contextual learning.

The 3-H project seeks to reduce unmotivated VET learners by promoting teaching methods that value socio-emotional competences.


  • Equip teachers to manage student demotivation and integrate social-emotional perspectives.
  • Improve pupils’ learning capacity by developing skills for managing social-emotional aspects.


The project has produced the Collection of good practices compendium, which collects good practices in the field of social-emotional education, it provides teachers with a lot of interesting exercises for promoting well-being, social-emotional skills, motivating student and ideas for introductory activities when welcoming new students to school.

The practical implementation of the practices can be found in the Toolkit.

The Guidelines on Socio-Emotional Education in VET which are intended to support schools by providing useful indications for building a social-emotional curriculum, while providing the organisational elements to facilitate its implementation

The project also created a list of Policy Recommendations which aim to guide policymakers and educators in transforming the education system to meet emerging societal needs. Below is an infographic overview of the ten essential principles to enhance and modernize education and vocational training.


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