NewsEuropean Network of Innovation for Inclusion: Study visit Bordeaux

August 9, 2023

The project Go-Circular has been selected as a good practice in the category of inclusive entrepreneurship by the European Network of Innovation for Inclusion. 

In July, our colleague Tine took part in a study visit in Bordeaux, where they shared experiences with other selected practices:

  • Creative invisibles aims to introduce new models of entrepreneurship training in the creative sector through actions carried out in the field of street culture, aiming to mobilize young people and NEETs deemed “invisible” within society.

  • HILVANA is an entrepreneurship project for migrant women with a focus on textiles.

  • Marie Curry is a restaurant that employs migrant women after training to become chefs/waitresses.

They had a meeting to discuss ideas for new projects, talked about the challenges in our countries, what target groups would be interesting and more.

Our host, Le LABA Team (winner of the best practice in inclusive entrepreneurship in 2023), also organized two study visits:

Darwin is an alternative and inspiring urban ecosystem where its many components attract as many different profiles as innovative projects. Between skaters and street art enthusiasts, green economy entrepreneurs, fans of electro music, biodiversity advocates, … everyone has a unique place. There they also met with Elodie Marchat from citiZchool 

La Roche de Palmer is a place on the outskirts of Bordeaux that works admirably for the inclusion of disadvantaged young people and does so through music and sport.

Overall, the visit provided us the chance to share knowledge and experience and to personally witness diverse endeavors aimed at fostering the inclusion of the most vulnerable and overlooked individuals.
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