NewsWE CARE! A Recap of Our Final Project Meeting

March 27, 2024

We wrapped up the final chapter of the project WE CARE!: Development of a training course for Caregivers of senior citizens 70+ at risk of Dementia.

The project focuses on creating a comprehensive online learning opportunity (MOOC and project portal) primarily for trainers, volunteers, and staff working in day centers for the elderly or nursing homes. This project aims to address the growing need for digital skills and social inclusion among the elderly, particularly those at risk of dementia, by providing tailored educational resources and training opportunities.

This week we met in Ljubljana with the project partners from Italy and Portugal. The cornerstone of our meeting was a comprehensive review of the project’s activities and results. We evaluated the modules, reviewed the contents, examined the necessary additions, the website’s design, and user experience, and outlined the path to completion.

Alongside the review of the project results, we took a moment to reflect on the lessons we’ve learned along the way and started a forward-thinking discussion.

During our work, we uncovered insights regarding the challenges faced by elderly individuals in adapting to technology. We recognized the difficulty some encounter in mastering even the most fundamental aspects, from turning on the devices to functions like charging. We discussed the possibility of a project focused on bridging this knowledge gap by providing comprehensive, beginner-level training tailored specifically for the elderly.

Another focal point of our conversation were smartphones. While older individuals may receive these devices from younger generations, many struggle to use them. To address this issue, we contemplated a project idea designed to empower seniors with the skills and confidence needed to use smartphones effectively.

Many elderly individuals also face challenges when attempting to engage with online banking, shopping platforms, and other digital services, so we explored the possibility of developing educational resources and tools to facilitate their transition into the digital realm.

Lastly, recognizing the power of peer-to-peer learning and mentorship, we entertained the idea of a “train the trainer” program tailored for elderly individuals who already have some technology skills. This initiative would empower them to serve as mentors and educators within their communities, providing support to those who are less technologically proficient.

In conclusion, our project meeting set the groundwork for a diverse array of projects aimed at empowering elderly individuals to embrace technology with confidence and proficiency.

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