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May 12, 2023
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The objective of SMART-Y project was the creation, development and stabilization of a network of like-minded youth organizations from across Europe, active at grassroots level and able to engage, connect and empower young people to build a society in where all young people, especially those in rural areas, are environmentally active, educated and able to make a difference, contributing to the European Youth Goal 10: Green Europe sustainability, through the concrete development of smart village projects.

At the event “Make Rural Europe Smarter“, the final conference of the project in Brussels, we presented SMART-Y’s result – the Policy Roadmap Report, which includes the report on the activities of the consortium of the 10 partnering countries.

LOCAL LIVING LABS: Living Labs were organised in all 10 countries with the objective of co-creating a smart policy ecosystem on a local level in rural areas, responding to the Smart Villages strategy and more in general to the “Green and Sustainable Europe” Youth Goal.

EU VIRTUAL HACKATHONS: SMART-Y’s EU Virtual Hackathon brought young people from different parts of Europe together, in a virtual environment, uniting them under a single purpose: infusing creative energy to seek solutions to rural challenges through the proposal of policies, following the “Green and sustainable Europe” pole star towards the realisation of Smart Villages.

IDEA DEVELOPMENT & PROTOTYPING WORKSHOPS: To further promote the Hackathon platform and truly empower young people, we organised “Idea development and prototyping” workshops to transform the winning ideas into concrete policy recommendations before the launch of ad hoc crowdfunding campaigns.

NATIONAL POLICY ROUNDTABLES: National Policy Labs were an opportunity to present the project (“Idea development & prototyping workshops, the” EU Virtual Hackathons” and the Local Living Labs) together with young people, to youth workers and policymakers to finalise the policy recommendations after their feedback.

We invite you to read the report here: SMART-Y Policy Roadmap Report

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