NewsInternational INFURI partner meeting and event in Apeldoorn, Netherlands

May 17, 2022

At the beginning of April, an international meeting of the partners of the Infuri project took place at the Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences in Apeldoorn, the Netherlands. Under the acronym INFURI is the full English name of the project, namely Innovation in the FURNITURE Industry in the era of circular economy. The purpose of the project is to stimulate thinking, strengthen knowledge and share experiences in the field of circular economy among young people and employees in the furniture industry.

Srečanje je potekalo v hibridnem modelu, v živo v Apeldoornu ter preko platforme TEAMS. Na samem srečanju smo partnerji določili roke za dokončanje Intelektualnega rezultata 2 (IO2), orisali smo smernice za intelektualni rezultat 3 (IO3), določili datume za naslednji multiplikacijski dogodek in projektno srečanje v Grčijiter uskladili delo na področju intelektualnega rezultata 4 (IO4) in diseminacije. STEP Inštitut je odgovoren za večdnevni izobraževalni dogodek v Sloveniji, ki je predviden za november 2022.

The meeting took place in a hybrid model, live in Apeldoorn and via the TEAMS platform. At the meeting itself, the partners set deadlines for the completion of Intellectual Output 2 (IO2), outlined guidelines for IO3, set dates for the next event and project meeting in Greece, and coordinated the work in the area of IO4 and dissemination. STEP Institute is responsible for a multi-day educational event in Slovenia, scheduled for November 2022.

IO 2, an online classroom in the form of a MOOC (Massive online open course), which will be available via the website will bear the English name “MANAGING A FURNITURE COMPANY IN THE ERA OF CIRCULAR ECONOMY” and will soon be available free of charge to everyone. The online classroom and individual lectures provide static and dynamic course material such as video lectures, reading material and case studies. IO 3 contains a compendium of good practices in the field of introducing the circular economy in the furniture industry. The partners will select and prepare a balanced set of case studies from each partner country.

In addition to the meeting itself, we also held a multiplier event, or rather an international conference, which could also be attended online. The event itself was intended for education about circularity in the furniture industry and the opportunity to connect with experts in this field, VET organizations, small and medium-sized companies and project partners from six countries. As part of the conference, an example of good practice and the activity of the company Mizarstvo Ornik from Slovenia was presented, namely as a case study of the introduction of the circular economy concept and the reuse of wood in the furniture industry. The focus was on the entire value chain, namely from the extraction and use of old wood, the processing of wooden elements, production activities and the production of finished products.


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