NewsINFURI WEBINAR: Circular procurement guidelines for office furniture

December 28, 2022

The INFURI consortium recently held an interactive webinar to collect the public opinion on how guidelines for circular furniture procurement should be structured and what information they are expecting to receive. Indeed, the INFURI consortium partners are developing Circular Procurement Guidelines for Office Furniture to support organisations to choose more eco-friendly furniture products for their offices, and fostering the European green transition. Aim of the guide is to provide practical tips and suggestions on where to find relevant information and how to identify suitable products.

The webinar was open to any organisation – public sector, as well as private entities such as companies, schools, NGOs – interested in receiving advice and support in the procurement process of office furniture fit for the circular economy.

Materially, partner of the INFURI project, has been successfully hosting the webinar to assess the organisation’s needs in the procurement of circular furniture in order to define a versatile and easy-to-use guideline.


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