ProjectsHIATUS project

August 7, 2022

Duration: 11. 2021 – 11. 2024

Project reference: 2021-1-IT02-KA220-SCH-000034506

Service design thinking has the potential to bring school and community together around the design of services and products according to the needs of the participants. Names “hiatus” comes from Italian, and the idea is to bridge the gap between scholastic and working culture, introducing the development of design skills into school curricula, as a competence that allows them to relate to the changes in today’s and tomorrow’s labor market.

General objective of the Hiatus project is to develop within the school context a teaching methodology that uses design skills to implement products/services – service design thinking – in relation to changing demand in the labor market/territory. The target group consists of teachers and students (age group 14-19) of the Technical and Professional Institutes of Second Level Higher Education.

The project results include the creation of a platform for service design thinking (SDT), the design of e-learning course of Hiatus model on SDT, and SDT methodology and experimentation at schools.

Expected project imapct:

  • For teachers: support the development, transfer and / or implementation of innovative pedagogical practices to “give tools and methods that give intentionality and rigor to get out of extemporaneous and produce a stable change … decree the overcoming of a” filling and transmissive “school for make the object of discovery fascinating, so as to involve, motivate and guide the students “design thinkers”, towards personal educational success. ” (Licia Cianfriglia “Service Design Thinking for teachers”).
  • For students: develop entrepreneurial skills, critical thinking and creativity in order to foster employability, socio-educational and personal development, as well as participation in the civil and social life of students who, in this way, become protagonists in all phases of the project, they experience trust in them and become capable of taking on more responsibility.
  • For both: Update digital skills and the use of Open-source educational resources and software.

Hiatus project has an alliance between 8 partners from 5 different countries: Italy, Spain, Slovenia, The Republic of North Macedonia, and Turkey.

The role of STEP Institute

STEP Institute participates as a partner with expertise in design thinking and it is responsible for the implementation of PR3 – “Service Design Thinking methodology and experimentation at school”. We also contribute to the realization of PR1 and PR2. STEP is also responsible for the realization of 2 Multiplier Events (Hiatus @ School – Slovenia and Hiatus @ Work – Slovenia).
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STEP Institute is an innovative private non-profit organisation that deals with people development.
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