ProjectsEmpower – Encouraging Migrant women to seize their Potential and Opportunities in the World of EntRepreneurship

January 30, 2022

Duration: 01. 11. 2021 – 29. 02. 2024

Reference: 2021-1-DE02-KA220-ADU-000033659

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EMPOWER project aims at supporting the conscious development of basic competences and key skills of migrant women in terms of entrepreneurship, by taking inspiration from the European Framework “EntreComp” which lists 15 competences referable to “entrepreneurship”. The projects stems from an idea of cooperation between two types of partners (socially engaged organizations alongside migrant women and organizations providing entrepreneurial courses) feeling the need to confront and integrate their competences to lead a group of migrant women on an entrepreneurial path allowing them to develop the 15 competences of the EntreComp frame. The target group is made up of migrant women with caretaking tasks. The project will act upon the following strategic assets: – to strengthen migrant women awareness about their life skills and entrepreneurial-related competences; – to supply supportive tools for a continuous self monitoring and self-assessment of migrant women; – to develop the operators’ coaching and scaffolding skills in the phase of diagnosis of the life skills and entrepreneurial-related competences; – to build processes to improve and develop entrepreneurial competences; – to improve the understanding on how to transfer skills and resources related to the condition of migrants women with caretaking roles in a self-entrepreneurial state (tout court, not just in the sense of self employment). The main objective of the project is to support migrant women in raising awareness of those skills and help to develop them further in order to promote employability and socio-educational development as well as civic and social life participation. The specific objectives are: • empowered agency (Barker, 2005), namely the intentionality and capacity to act in a transformative manner – of positive reversal – of influencing factors associated with the condition of double vulnerability (gender; ethnicity), in an employment perspective • capitalized and accrued the potential of entrepreneurial skills associated with migration.

To get to these project results, some intermediate results will be attained:  Analysis of the life skills ,entrepreneurial competences and learning needs of migrant women in participating countries related to EntreComp framework (part of project result 1). First version of portfolio of tools for self-assessment and assessment (part of project result 1).  Testing the portfolio: interviews, focus groups and short workshops (part of project result 1). Preparation of final version of portfolio (part of project result 1). Preparation of first toolkit version for entrepreneurial training (part of project result 2). Train-the-trainers training (C1) at the international level to test the toolkit and equip trainers with knowledge and skills to implement local trainings with migrant women. Preparation of final version of toolkit for entrepreneurial training. Implementation of training with migrant women at local level (part of project result 2).

Project results

  1. Portfolio of tools for self-assessment and assessment and collection of the information about life skills, entrepreneurial competences and learning needs
  2. Development and implementation of toolkit: entrepreneurial training for migrant women and guidelines for trainers

The role of STEP Institute

STEP,  with its expertise and network, is involved in preparation of all the project results. In the process of content devloping, STEP is in charge of leading Output 2.  Together with other partners we play an active role in dissemination activities and multiplication of the project results.

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STEP Institute is an innovative private non-profit organisation that deals with people development.
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