A dedicated and proud member of STEP & ISA team.

She earned her bachelor’s degree in European studies and she was also studying psychology. She works ad project manager and trainer in projects related with personal and professional growth, strengthening of soft skills and positive psychology, covering topics such as growth mindset, communication, relationships, character strengths, resilience etc. She is also active in projects that encourage entrepreneurial mindset of young people.

Her passion is development and implementation of programs that enable children and youth to grow and develop their talents, skills and strengths. She is also skilled in event management, organizing and coordinating international seminars, workshops and conferences.

Jerneja is a “blue person” which means that relationships and working for and with other people energize her and give her strength for her personal and professional endeavors. She also cannot resist delicious food, a day at the spa or exciting activities with friends and family.

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Jerneja Šibilja, Project manager and trainer
Rimska 6,
1000 Ljubljana,
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